Free E-Journals

Name of the Subject  (number of e-journals in a list)

Indian Publication (4,37,38,39,40,45,46,80)
Administrative Law (31)   
Bioethics (48,57,71)  
Biotechnology Law (16,57)       
Civil Law (91)
Civil Rights/Human Rights (11,35)
Civil Society and Law (47)
Commercial Law (56)
Comparative Law (23,62,86)
Constitutional Law  (31,37,86)
Criminology  (82,53)
Cyber/Computer Law (16,19,28,40,50,57,79,90,94)
Environmental Law (8,10,22,66,76)
European Union Law (62)
Family Law (55)
Financial Management (56)                                   
Forensic medicine (4,83)
Gender and Law (24,32)
Health Law (48,71)
Intellectual Property (15,16,19,28,38,40,43,50,54,57,71,79,94)
International Law (23,34,62,67)
International Trade Law (97)
Law and Economics (39)
Law Librarianship (44)
Legal History (12)
Maritime Law (13)
Media and Entertainment Law (19,26,70,79)
Privacy Law (87)
Religion and Law (92)
Rights of Indigenous People (10,41)
Sport Law (19,26,93)
Taxation Law (29,52,57,89)

Alphabetical and Serial wise Journals List :

  1. AGORA International Journal of Juridical Sciences  
  2. Alaska Law Review
  3. Amsterdam Law Forum
  4. Anil Aggrawal’s Internet Journal of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology
  5. Asian-Pacific Law & Policy Journal  
  6. ALRC Reform Journal
  7. Alternative Law Journal
  8. Asia Pacific Journal of Environmental Law
  9. Auckland University Law Review
  10. Australian Indigenous Law Reporter
  11. Australian Journal of Human Rights
  12. Australian Journal of Legal History
  13. Australian and New Zealand Maritime Law Journal
  14. Beijing Law Review 
  15. Berkeley Technology Law Journal
  16. Boston University Journal of Science and Technology Law
  17. Bulletin of the Transilvania University of Brasov, Series VII: Social Sciences and Law
  18. Bond Law Review
  19. Cardozo Arts & Entertainment Law Journal
  20. Columbia Law Review
  21. Deakin Law Review
  22. Duke Environmental Law & Policy
  23. Duke Journal of Comparative and International Law
  24. Duke Journal of Gender Law & Policy 
  25. Duke Law Journal
  26. Entertainment and Sports Law Journals 
  27. Erasmus Law Review 
  28. European Journal of Law And Technology 
  29. eJournal of Tax Research 
  30. Federal Courts Law Review 
  31. Federal Law Review 
  32. Feminists @law 
  33. Global Economics
  34. Goettingen Journal of International Law 
  35. Harvard Human Rights Journal
  36. Human Rights Defender                                                                           *India Law Journal
  37. Indian Journal of Constitutional Law 
  38. Indian Journal of Intellectual Property Law 
  39. Indian Journal of Law and Economics 
  40. Indian Journal of Law and Technology 
  41. Indigenous Law Bulletin 
  42. Intellectual Property Rights                                                             *International Journal of Law, Crime and Justice
  43. International Free and Open Source Software Law Review 
  44. International Journal of Legal Information 
  45. International Journal of Law and Policy Review 
  46. International Journal of Legal Studies and Research 
  47. International Journal of Not-for-Profit Law 
  48. Internet Journal of Law, Healthcare and Ethics  
  49. James Cook University Law Review 
  50. JIPITEC- Journal of Intellectual Property, Information Technology, and E-Commerce Law 
  51. Journal of Australian Taxation 
  52. Journal of the Australasian Tax Teachers’ Association 
  53. Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology 
  54. Journal of Intellectual Property Rights 
  55. Journal of Law and Family Studies 
  56. Journal of Law and Financial Management 
  57. Journal of Law, Information and Science 
  58. Journal of Legal Analysis                                                                                 * Journal of Open Access to Law
  59. Journal of Politics and Law 
  60. Juridica International 
  61. Law and Contemporary Problems 
  62. Law Review: judicial doctrine and case law online quarterly publication 
  63. LEAD-Law, Environment and Development Journal 
  64. Law, Social Justice and Global Development 
  65. Lewis & Clark Law Review 
  66. Macquarie Journal of International and Comparative Environmental Law 
  67. Melbourne Journal of International Law 
  68. Melbourne University Law Review 
  69. Michigan Law Review 
  70. Michigan Technology Law Review 
  71. Minnesota Journal of Law, Science and Technology 
  72. Mizan Law Review 
  73. NALSAR Law Review 
  74. NALSAR Media Law Review 
  75. NALSAR Student Law Review 
  76. NALSAR Environmental Law and Practice Review 
  77. No Foundations: Journal of Extreme Legal Positivism 
  78. North Carolina Journal of Law and Technology 
  79. Northwestern Journal of Technology and Intellectual Property 
  80. NUJS Law Review 
  81. Onati Socio-Legal Series 
  82. Open Criminology Journal 
  83. Open Forensic Science Journal 
  84. Open Law Journal 
  85. Osgoode Hall Law Journal 
  86. Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal 
  87. Privacy Law and Policy Reporter 
  88. Public Administration
  89. Revenue Law Journal 
  90. Richmond Journal of Law and Technology 
  91. Roman Legal Tradition 
  92. Rutgers Journal of Law and Religion 
  93. Sports Law eJournal 
  94. Stanford Technology Law Review 
  95. Sydney Law Review 
  96. Texas Law Review 
  97. Trade, Law and Development